I’ve been gone a while..

It’s been like 5 months since I last posted, which is really terrible.. oops.

I have thought about writing something quick but I just feel like I haven’t had a minute. I have been so busy with college, I finally completed a 3 month project  and completed lots of assessments.

I had been aux pioneering up until my granda died a few weeks ago.. My anxiety has been crazy lately and I’m struggling with a lot of negative thoughts right now. I want to be positive in my blog, so I promise when I feel the time is right and I feel better I will start regular posting again.

Take care Xo


A day in the life, #5

My breakfast - mmm!

Took Sunday off blogging because I was feeling lazy and wasn’t up to much at all.
I woke up at 6am today and started to get ready for college, in the picture below is my makeup of the day.


I was in college for 8am because I like to study things for the meetings to get some spiritual thought in to my day before the college day starts. My first lesson was Sociology but all we done was our presentations on a country completely different from Scotland (the country I live in), my group and I chose Nigeria. Second “lesson” was guidance, which isn’t really a lesson,  we just sit and chat which I really enjoy to be honest. Last lesson of the day was Communications which is just English really but my tutor sent me home because I’ve finished everything for now and got it all correct so i am happy with that!

What I need to get through college (not all the chocolate by the way, that's just for the next couple of days too haha)

When I came home I quickly tidied my room because in the morning I have a bit of a habit of throwing whatever is in my way across the other side of the room.
Tonight I’ve had a little pamper night, I’ve had a face mask on, reshaped my eyebrows because they were beginning to frustrate me, done my nails and made a vegetable salad for tomorrows lunch!


Doing the peel mask hurt so bad and made my skin all red like this, but it feels amazing!!
My baby sister and I, she stuck lots of clasps in her hair haha!

All I’ll be doing now is lying in bed and probably going to sleep, so good night,  take care,
Em xo

A day in the life, #4

9am- I’m up and ready, I’ve got to go out for a little bit with my grandma and papi.

12pm- I’m currently in Lidl buying lots of fruit and vegetables, I have decided to make dinner for my grandparents tonight!

3pm- This isn’t even everything I have bought but I’m going to start preparing dinner now.


6pm- Dinner is starting to be cooked now, I’m enjoying this. My uncle popped over for a bit and ate some of the food I was preparing haha.

7pm- Tonights dinner was amazing,  the photos don’t really look to appetising.




9pm- Grandma, papi and I are having a movie night so I’ll probably fall asleep soon.

Goodnight and take care,
Em xo

A day in the life, #3


8am: so im currently trying to force myself to get up to go out for a bit,  its the hardest thing ever because its so cold.

9am- I’m walking down to my friends before I go out, I’m still feeling a bit meh today, but oh well. Its freezing out here.

13:46: I have just woken up, my head was sore so I decided to have a nap but it’s still sore now. I got home about 11 and I think my hands have fell off.

16:39: My hands haven’t actually fell off. I’ve packed for my grandmas and papis, I’m hoping for a nice and peaceful weekend. My head is still sore, urgh.

22:28: MY HEAD IS NOT SORE ANYMORE, never felt so happy haha! I took a couple of paracetamols but that didn’t help really, I started feeling sick but once I forced myself to eat dinner I was fine (I hadn’t ate since early yesterday so maybe that was the reason I didn’t feel good). I’ve had a cosy night in with my grandma and papi, which has been lovely. We’ve planned to have an Audrey Hepburn and Laurel and Hardy night tomorrow so I’m looking forward to that!
I’ve inserted pictures of my room at my grandmas, so in love with it. My grandma and papi worked so hard on this to get the right combination of style in because for all 3 girl grandchildren (my brothers don’t really like staying away from home)





Goodnight, I hope you’ve had a wonderful day, take care.

Em xo

A day in the life, #2

8am- I’m currently at college,  I had to literally force myself to get up this morning. I was literally one minute late this morning for getting the bus, but the bus driver seen me as he was driving off, stopped in the middle of the road (there was no cars or anything around) and let me get on, that was really kind off him and so appreciated. I have to get the earlier bus every morning because I panic on busy buses, I literally cry (or try hard not to cry) so he’s really made my day so far! Currently, I’m sitting in college listening to music. I popped in to poundland to buy earphones as last week my earphones sadly got beheaded (by a chair), the earphones I bought are amazing! (Especially for £1!!)

10:30pm- College was super busy today, the weather is crazy, its rainy and extremely windy. I felt panicky today, the thought of getting on a busy bus after college made me feel sick so my mum kindly came and got me. I’m just back from the meeting, I enjoyed it and it was good to sit down and just listen to the best possible things for a couple of hours. I’m off to bed now, got an early start tomorrow.

Take care,
Em Xo


A day in the life, #1


I’ve decided to attempt to keep something like an online diary.. but public, I don’t know how this will work out. I’m just planning on writing about my days, so probably will be pretty boring.

Today has been a good day, I got up and got ready properly, or as we say here ”all dolled up”, which means that I applied my makeup decently and looked presentable. Not because I had anything special to do but because it’s just something I do when I want to cheer myself up. I always remember when I was little my grandma telling me that I never had to ”doll up” for anyone and that I never needed an excuse to do it, If I wanted too then I should. I suppose that is something that has always stuck with me.

After I got ready my friend Jill came and got me to do some study in Costa, we had a good chat and I enjoyed the study. I had a Gingerbread Latte and I can’t remember the muffins name but it was basically a gingerbread muffin, it was amazing!!
12227837_1630199400587275_7109115334344541428_nToday also is my mum and step dads anniversary, they got married on 11-11-11 simply so it was an easy date to remember. However, I kind off forgot about it until my mum reminded me last night, so on behalf of my 3 brothers and my sister I went out and some presents for my mum and Chris.

After that, I came home and done a bit of reading, chilled for a bit, got jumped on by something that identifies as my little sister, she seems to think that I am a trampoline.

Now, I’m still chilling but thinking about going to do a face mask, changing in to my pyjamas and some more studying, making these kind off decisions are hard.

Hopefully speak tomorrow, Take care,

Em xo

31st of October 2015..

I done it! I got baptised! I was so nervous, especially standing up, I was shaking so much at one point I almost made myself fall over haha.

People in my congregation didn’t tell me that it was a brother I’m rather close to who was giving the talk (his name is Paul). He is such an amazing speaker and made the talk beyond personal, comforting and exciting. What people also kept quiet was that my study conductor, Jill was on the platform giving her story and experience of what has kept her strong through hard times in her life (Jill has been my absolute rock, she has been through such hard times and gives the best advice). Both surprises meant so much to me and I am really glad Jehovah has blessed me with such amazing, strong and encouraging people all around me.

There are photo’s of my baptism down below for those of you who wanted to see. Also the photo’s are mixed in with some from today as my congregation had an afternoon tea! Jill is the tall black haired lady, Heather is the girl with short brown-ish hair (believe it or not, I’m actually smaller than her when I have my boots off haha). I’m the one in the red jacketttt!